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You don't have to dread dragging that deer this season!

Dragging deer is the most dreaded part of hunting. The Game Glide makes dragging up to 46% easier and surprisingly, this performance does not come at a significant cost or complexity. Plus, fits easily in your pocket or pouch, so that it is always there when you NEED it!

The Game Glide ultra-light deer sled is available at for $9.99.

Game Glide deer sled available at

The Game Glide is:

  • Effective – Game Glide helps to keep the fun in hunting by making the drag back to camp up to 46% easier.
  • Ultra Light – weighs only 5 ounces!
  • Convenient – when packaged the Game Glide fits easily into a pocket or pouch – folded size is roughly 3 ¾ inches wide X 6 ¾ inches long
  • Right size – unfolded size is 25 inches wide X 50 inches long – will accommodate the largest trophy buck to a small doe
  • Quick and Easy to Use – intuitive to use and attaches in seconds with only 3 strings!
  • Simple – works with your existing deer drag, not in place of it
  • Innovative – so innovative that it’s patent pending!
  • Disposable – no need to scrub and sanitize for reuse
  • Tough&Slick™! – made of a highly specialized, high-tech material that is puncture and tear propagation resistant
  • Protective – will help to protect your trophy’s hide from damage
  • Recyclable – after use, remove and dispose of the ropes and recycle the Tough&Slick material
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