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Kathryn Maroun: Getting ‘ticked off’ about her misdiagnosis when it was truly Lyme disease

People say they are aware if a tick gets on them. Not so.

tick on bottle cap

Photo courtesy of Bonnie L Huntsinger

If this was in you ear , in your hair or on your lower back etc. … no way would you find it.

A low percentage of people get a rash and a low number of doctors are able to quickly diagnose the potpourri of illnesses that nature’s dirty needles, i.e., insects, pass along to unsuspecting victims. It took doctors five long years to find out what was wrong with me.

Welcome to Stage 3, chronic Lyme hell.

At the end of the day, I ordered the test myself from Igenex and gave it to my Canadian doctor to do the blood draw. I told her that I thought I may have Lyme.

Kathryn Maroun

Kathryn Maroun is undergoing treatment for Stage 3 Lyme disease. We wish her all the best and hope for her recovery at warp speed.

I had that and more.

Oh … did I mention that I did see an ER doctor in British Columbia five years earlier, and I showed symptoms of a high temp, flu-like symtomns and a bullseye rash? He said I had shingles , didn’t treat me for Lyme and sent me packing.

I’m just one of many. Pay attention and learn more about this plague. It will save you and the ones you love as well. And, it also is a city problem … not just associated with outdoors people.

  • About Kathryn Maroun

    Kathryn Maroun is one of a handful of Canadian women to be certified as an FFF casting instructor. She is the award winning executive producer of What A Catch Productions. The 52 show series highlights Kathryn's fishing adventures from around the world. Kathryn exposes never talked about hazards of the sport, conservation, culture, as well as showcasing exotic game fish in her series. Her show first aired in the US before being internationally distributed. Kathryn is featured in the collection of two prominent museums for her significant contribution to the sport of fly fishing. Kathryn Maroun is the president and founder of Casting for Recovery Canada, past director of Trout Unlimited Canada and past member of the Canadian World Fly Fishing team. Along with creating a line of clothing for women at work in the outdoors, Kathryn has fished around the world and has a number of world record fish to her name. Today she dedicates her time to writing about her miss-adventures and enjoys telling her stories through keynote speaking opportunities. Kathryn is campaigning to create a more balanced playing field for women in the sport.


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