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‘Women’s Guide to Ice Fishing’ by Naomi Shapiro lays out the plan for a perfect trip without a slip

women ice fishing

She looks happy! What a thrill to learn the skills involved in ice fishing. Photo courtesy of WI Women Fish

We’re grooving on the whole ice fishing thing here at Women’s Outdoor News, even though we’re based in the Ozarks of Missouri. So, when we ran across this helpful list of tips for ice fishing, written by Naomi K.Shapiro, we just had to point you to it. Shapiro publishes DTO.com, a website that features such topics as lunar tables, zone maps, Boone & Crocket score sheets and a special category dear to our hearts, “Women Outdoors!” Don’t we just love it when we find these treasures in the wilds of the Internet outdoor world? Visit Naomi Shapiro and find out more about how to get out on the ice, with hook and bait in hand and boots on feet this winter: Women’s Guide to Ice Fishing.



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