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Ashley Rae Named Eastern Canada Project Manager for ‘Angler’s Atlas’ Magazines


(Ashley Rae Facebook photo)

Congratulations to angler Ashley Rae, for being named the new Eastern Canada Project Manager for Angler’s Atlas magazines. On her Facebook page, she wrote, “This morning I woke up, turned my computer on and went to ‘work’ in my pyjamas in my new home office. (I’ve always wanted to do that!) With the new year comes a big change and a new job! I’m thrilled to be the Eastern Canada Project Manager for the Angler’s Atlas Magazines. I will be working from home and pounding pavement working with local lodges/resorts, businesses and guides throughout Ontario to help promote their businesses within our publications … and it’s all about FISHING. Stay tuned because we also have some cool contests coming up!”

We wish Ashley the best and look forward to following her new adventures.

Visit Ashley Rae online.

Learn more about Anglers Atlas.


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