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Women’s Outdoor News Weekly Podcast #2: She’s into Cutting, in a Good Way

On this week’s podcast, Barbara Baird and Stacy Bright discuss the following may topics, including bladesports, Vera Koo’s shooting world, exquisite taxidermy, a special ladies’ hunting journal and much more!


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Vera Koo


The Well Armed Woman Weekly Tip – Founder Carrie Lightfoot:  “Planning Ahead – Shopping for Your First Gun.”  Visit The Well Armed Woman:

Christine Cunningham-Duck hunting-Photo

Christine Cunningham (Steve Meyer photo)

“ASK US” Question of the Week:  This week’s question comes from Joy Worthen Kuoha who asks, “What is the best way to start in competition shooting for women?”
Interview with Jessica Elias about competing in BladeSports:  Listen to the interview, and then read more about Jessica here:

Sarah Smith Barnum


Special thanks to Adley Stump for graciously allowing us to play “Like This,” on our podcast.  See more from Adley on her website:
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