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The Women’s Gun Show Episode #34: Firearms Insurance

This week, in show #34, Barbara Baird and Carrie Lightfoot discuss firearms insurance. Do you need it?

The women also talk about news, trending topics, gear and upcoming events for firearms enthusiasts.


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Survival Story

Carrie teaches a lesson from the action of the Waffle House waitress who pursued some robbers.

Waffle House waitress loses job after firing gun during robbery:

Firearms news you can use

Barb is excited that one of the first actions of the 115th Congress is to move for a national reciprocity bill for concealed carry: National CCW reciprocity introduced in new Congress:

Carrie finds a story about a guy napping in his car in a parking lot, next to a gun-shaped phone: Gun-shaped cell phone case prompts police standoff:

Cool products

Allen fitover glassesIf you don’t need this, you know someone who does, right? Fit-over shooting glasses by Allen:

smart vault liberty insurance firearmsCarrie likes this biometric vault, made by Liberty Safes, which will take up to 15 people’s fingerprints:

firearms insuranceTopic: Insurance for Firearms

Barb and Carrie walk through the various criteria you should consider when you own firearms and are considering insurance, and Carrie gets some answers from Lockton Affinity senior vice-president, Jeff Hewitt.

NRA members firearms insurance:

 TWAW Product of the Week

concealment clockCarrie is a fan of this concealment clock, 59.99: 

Calendar: What’s up?

active-shooter courseCarrie recommends taking this course from The Well Armed Woman instructor, from Point Blank Firearms, and Donna Anthony’s “Active Shooter Response Course”:

For TWAW Members

SHOT-Show-Beretta panel

Here’s Barbara with Natalie Foster and Carrie Lightfoot, on a panel hosted by Beretta’s Matteo Recanatini, at a SHOT Show a few years ago.

Barb talks about the upcoming Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show and how she and Carrie will bring the latest developments in the world of shooting to you. Follow The Well Armed Woman and The WON’s social media outlets for up-to-the-minute coverage.

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