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RetroWON: Make Your Own Cute Concrete Jack-O-Lantern

Looking for an alternative to the traditional carved pumpkin? Check out this simple DIY concrete jack-o-lantern. Keep reading for the easy step-by-step instructions.


materials for concrete jack-o-lantern

Concrete Jack-O-Lantern Recipe List

You will need:

  • Small bag fast-setting concrete mix
  • Peat Moss
  • Perlite
  • Non-stick cooking spray
  • Black spray paint
  • Cement color (we used terracotta)
  • 1 cup measuring spoon
  • Spoon
  • Large bucket – for concrete mix
  • Hook or spikes for pumpkin stems
  • Plastic pumpkin treat buckets

spray paint for spray-paint concrete jack-o-lantern

First, spray paint black the metal hooks/spikes that will be used to create the pumpkin stems.

pumpkin hook concrete jack-o-lantern

dry mixture concrete jack-o-lantern

Next, stir dry ingredients in a clean bucket. We used 16 cups of cement, 8 cups perlite and 8 cups peat moss per pumpkin.

add color to concrete jack-o-lantern

Gradually add water until the mixture has a cottage cheese-like consistency. If adding concrete color, add to the wet mixture until desired color is achieved.

stirred-mixture concrete pumpkin mix


Liberally spray the inside of each plastic pumpkin treat bucket with non-stick cooking spray.

concrete mix pumpkin craft


Working quickly, ladle concrete mixture into each pumpkin bucket to make a concrete jack-o-lantern. As you go, be sure to work the concrete mixture into all of the crevices of the pumpkin form (we neglected to do this at the top of the last pumpkin, and you can see how craggily it looks!).


concrete pumpkin filled


Allow the pumpkins to sit for a couple of minutes until the concrete mixture has begun to set, and then add the “stems” to the tops.



Allow pumpkins to set for at least a day.

cutting-out-pumpkin concrete pumpkin


Using a utility knife carefully cut slices into the side of the plastic treat buckets, following the grooves.


craggily pumpkin concrete


Remove and throw away the plastic pumpkin forms. Voila! Cute concrete jack-o-lanterns!


diy-cover-pic concrete pumpkin

This RetroWON first appeared October 28, 2016.