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Babbs in the Woods: One swift kick in the gut (again)

Here’s what it feels like … I got up the gumption in high school to invite a boy I’d admired to the Sadie Hawkins’ Dance and when we went to it, he didn’t dance with me at all and sat looking glumly at the dance floor. I hardly knew him before this date and it had taken some courage to ask him to the dance. Earlier in the week, the girls had to make the boys’ lunches and I made him a sandwich. I heard through the lunchroom grapevine that he threw it away. On the night of the dance, he only grunted at me and the next day, he started dating the head basketball cheerleader, whom I guess he’d fallen in love with between my asking him and his accepting the offer.

I got over that little setback quickly and went on to a new boyfriend or two … but today, it’s worse … I turned on the radio to hear that my senator, Kit Bond, is going to vote for Supreme Court justice candidate Sonia Sotomayor on principle because he “rejects” Pres. Obama’s standard of opposing John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito when Obama was in the Senate. Say what? Huh?

Kit, you have an obligation to represent those of us in Missouri who voted for you – you know, the same ones who worked in the trenches to get concealed carry passed in this state a few years ago. And, to cross over to Head Cheerleader Claire McCaskill’s side is betrayal to a lot of us who believe that the Second Amendment is under attack by people like Sotomayor, who ruled that the Second Amendment is not a fundamental right and that it only applies to those who live in federal enclaves and not to residents of states.

See http://www.nraila.org/News/Read/NewsReleases.aspx?ID=12702.

I guess old Kit started ignoring his base when he voted for the stimulus package earlier this year and now, I’m braced to see him vote for health care, uh, insurance reform and then, cap and trade.

And when he retires, which he plans to do after his term is up, I wonder if he’ll move back here or stay in the comfort of the Beltway, a place where he obviously feels at home these days. Meanwhile, we’ll try to pick up the pieces and keep hoping that maybe someday we’ll elect a representative who is true to his core beliefs and who doesn’t forget who brung him to the dance. So much for Republican “leadership.”

~Barbara Baird

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