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Babbs in the Woods: A Walmart of sorts with ‘the Fishing Line,’ Carhartt and Muck boots

BarbcarhartttnIt’s kind of like Walmart here at The WON. We like to move things around in our aisles (uh, columns) so folks have to go hunting, and in the process, they might discover a new category they haven’t read before now. Take, for example, “The Fishing Line” category, where anglers and outdoor writers Patricia Strutz, Naomi Shapiro and Kathleen Clary Miller will share duties and write tips and techniques for anglers. These three not only write and photograph well, they also fish well. Patricia and Naomi are guides.

In the vein of having a collection of topics, here’s Babbs-mart’s offerings:

1. We’re always looking for another outdoor blog to highlight in our weekly BlogLight. There’s a form at the end of the column for you to recommend a blogger you like.

2. Welcome to Hank’s Clothing — featuring Carhartt for women — in the top spot for the rest of the year. I always figured there was a reason that guys who worked in construction and on road crews wore the stuff, and now I know why. Last year, I invested in my first Carhartt jacket for women. I tried on the men’s small, and it was way too bulky under the arms. I tried on the women’s medium, and it was a perfect fit. Since I was learning to drive a tractor, it seemed important to have the right look. But now, I grab that jacket to run errands in, to work at clearing fields in, to ride an ATV in. You name it. If there’s work to be done and it’s cold outside, that’s my choice of work jackets. The canvas melts on your shape after a while and repels a lot of moisture. I also purchased a pair of women’s Carhartt overalls and a vest. The vest has an extended tail feature in back, perfect for hiding concealed carry back holsters.

3. What boots to wear with Carhartt?


Here I am on a doe hunt in northwest Missouri last year, wearing my Muck boots, with the fold down blaze orange section folded to the outside.

Hank’s Clothing also carries a complete line of muck boots. I already own one pair and have worn them to squirrel hunt, deer hunt and turkey hunt. I’ve walked miles in those boots and hope to put several more miles on them this fall.

What about you? Have you outfitted yourself for fall weather? You may want to treat yourself to a jacket you can wear in the woods when you’re setting out game cameras or to the local football game on a chilly evening. And while you’re at it, treat your feet to a pair of the best rubber boots in the industry.

And, thanks for reading The WON.

~Barbara Baird

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