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Browning first aid kits serve diverse needs of serious outdoorsmen

Browning Outdoor Health and Safety Products offers five first aid kits to support groups of varying size and excursion length. Each kit is crafted from the highest quality materials and is designed to stand up in the field. They also contain a wide variety of hospital-quality supplies and medications to quickly treat the most common outdoor injuries, including cuts, blisters, insect bites and burns.

Browning Level 4 First Aid Kit

Browning Level 4 First Aid Kit

“There’s no question that serious outdoorsmen seek out brands they can trust,” said Mike Kermendy, vice president of marketing for Wisconsin Pharmacal Company, the manufacturer of Browning Outdoor Health and Safety Products. “And, when hunters see the familiar Browning Buckmark on a first aid kit at their favorite retailer, they just know right away that it’s a durable and dependable product that was designed with their specific needs in mind. Other, less trusted brands simply can’t deliver that immediate, positive connection.”

Browning’s expanded Outdoorsman Series of first aid kits encompasses four different kits that offer varying levels of protection. The Outdoorsman 1.0, the smallest in the series, is very lightweight and ideal for one-day hunts. It holds a variety of bandages to help treat the most common hunting and outdoor injuries, including blisters and abrasions. The Outdoorsman 4.0, the largest in the series, features well-organized compartments that allow for immediate treatment during extended backcountry excursions. The professionally-selected components in the Outdoorsman 4.0 can treat much larger wounds, bleeding and abrasions. The four kits in the series range in price from $14.99 to $39.99.

The Basecamp First Aid Kit is the largest currently available from Browning Outdoor Health and Safety Products. It is designed to support up to 4 people during an excursion as long as 10 days and contains an expanded inventory of bandaging supplies and medications. It also comes with illustrated hunting and fishing first aid instructional cards, which can be extremely helpful in emergency situations. The Basecamp First Aid Kit retails for $59.99.

For additional details about any of the Browning first aid kits, please call 1-800-558-6614 or visit www.browningsupplies.com/firstaid.html.

About Browning Outdoor Health and Safety:

Browning Outdoor Health and Safety Products offers a complete line of first aid kits as well as a spray-on water repellent, which are both designed to meet the specific conditions faced by hunters, anglers and other serious outdoor enthusiasts.

About Wisconsin Pharmacal:

Founded in 1896, Wisconsin Pharmacal is a world leader in outdoor health and safety products. For additional information about the company or any of its well-known and respected outdoor brands, please visit www.pharmacalway.com.

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