WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Kathy Magers trades fishing rod for tripod (and camera)

Kathy Magers, instrumental in the creation of the Women’s Bassmaster Tour and former professional bass angler, has once again taken the advice about “finding your passion in life and making it work for you” and stepped out of retirement to launch a new business in outdoor photography. She said, “ After 30 years and as many or more seminars with the best outdoor photographers in the business, I realized that much of my work is far too good to allow it to gather dust. So, I’ve taken a few refresher courses and opened my own photo business.”

kathymajersHer business focus is twofold. She said, “Don’t laugh – I take photos of people, too – but my heart is animals – an under-served area of photography. So, from Texas longhorns and quarter horses to Yellow Labs and kittens, I’m in my favorite world. The main thing is – I’m not a studio photographer and don’t do weddings! I’m into outdoor photography.”

The other facet of her business will be to offer access to photos of the past 30 years of women in bass fishing. She described the task, and said, “I’m also doing something I would have never imagined doing – since I have photos taken of women’s pro fishing from some 30 years back – I’m working on offering every woman access to all of her photos over all of those years.” Women will soon be able to see the photos for sale at Magers’ website.

Magers said creating this new online photo business has helped revitalize her memory for a work-in-progress, a book about the history of the WBT. She added, “I figure God is pacing me – and trust He will take me where I need to be and when I need to be there.”

See Magers’ photography here: http://www.photo-shooters.com/

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