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Stacey Huston balances action and simplicity in one shot

I am a wildlife photographer. I cannot state this enough.

In fact, I made a HUGE mistake one time, by agreeing to photograph a wedding. Everything started off fine, until the vows were said, as the groom moved in for “the Kiss” I realized that my memory card was full. I quickly changed to a new one and tried to move on, but things just got worse.

The bridal party did not want to stick around for the photo session (Moral of this story: Never show a bunch of cowboys an open keg or a bottle of whiskey until all photos are done!). The bride was crying and so on and so forth. It was an absolute nightmare for me. I am an uncomplicated person, and I am drawn to wildlife photography because everything is natural; you work with what you get — no posing, no artificial light and no worrying about missing some else’s special moment.

So, when I was asked to join the staff of Journey with Red Hawk as staff photographer, I knew that I would have many surprises and challenges ahead. Camped on the side of a high mountain with Red Hawk and my husband, Mike “Hawk” Huston (co- host), I had the time of my life chasing elk and enjoying all that the wild places have to offer. Aspen leaves turning from green to gold, while early fall grasses swaying in the wind in all their earth-toned splendor lents a surreal, yet natural foreground and background to photos I took. I asked the guys to practice with their bows while I took some shots in the perfect September light.

Photo by Stacey Huston.

The result was this photo, everything seemed in balance as they became one with their surroundings while shooting their primitive bows. Natural light and brown grasses, combined with ancient style buckskins and the well worn wood of their bows, seemed to be a match while I took each shot. Stone arrowheads seemingly waiting for their impending launch as two brothers stare down range with the eyes of practiced hunters, allowed for interesting subject matter. I am a wildlife photographer, my passion resides with the capture of all things wild and natural.Yet somehow I found myself enjoying the photography on that day: no agendas, no posing, only a girl and her camera, a windswept mountain side, my husband and a Journey with Red Hawk.

~Stacey Huston

staceybowtn1Stacey Huston is an outdoors woman to the core, she would much rather spend time in the high country than in the local shopping mall, and feels more at home in heavy timber than in a salon. She is an accomplished photographer and is the staff photographer for Journey With Red Hawk T.V. series. Stacey is also a licensed falconer and raptor rehabilitation volunteer, helping injures raptors to once again soar on open skies. She resides with her husband of 18 years and their two boys in the mountains of western Wyoming. To see her photography, go to http://afocusinthewild.blogspot.com/

  • About Stacey Huston

    Stacey Huston is an outdoorswoman to the core, and would much rather spend time in the high country than in the local shopping mall, and feels more at home in heavy timber than in a salon. She is an accomplished photographer. She resides in northwest Wyoming, the state she has called home for more than 22 years. Stacey hunts with longbow and rifle, and written articles for online outdoor companies and print magazines. You can find her photos in Traditional Bow Hunter, Turkey Country and Primitive Archer magazines. Her work graced the cover of Primitive Archer Magazine for more than a year, as well as 2 issues of Schnee's catalogue and an issue of Successful Hunter Magazine. Stacey is on the field staff for Prois Hunting and Field Apparel for Women.