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Gear Gals: Marti Davis says ‘Get your sights set for the upcoming fall firearms season without the kick!’

martidavissledatnThe Caldwell Lead Sled is something I don’t go to the range without anymore.  When sighting in my rifles and muzzleloaders the Lead Sled gives me that rock solid rest I need for getting those scopes dialed in and takes the recoil so my shoulder doesn’t have to.

I also use the Lead Sled when patterning my turkey shotguns. We all know how much abuse your shoulder takes when trying out different turkey loads with various choke tubes.  The Lead Sled can take that abuse for you and prevents you from developing bad shooting habits, i.e. flinching.

Photo by Jimmy Davis.

Photo by Jimmy Davis.

Battenfeld Technologies website advertises that the Caldwell Lead Sled along with the appropriately added weight practically eliminates recoil and reduces the punishment to your shoulder up to 90 percent by trapping the recoil energy in the frame of the rest.  And I would have to agree with these statements.  It really does make your time at the range more enjoyable and your results more accurate.  I have also found that I am using less ammunition when sighting in with the Lead Sled.

The Lead Sled is portable and the front support allows for smooth elevation adjustments, which also locks in place for stability.  It comes with a filled front bag and padded slipcover for the rear.

There are also other variations of the Lead Sled, so check out their website and decide which model fits your needs.

Shoot straight with the help of Caldwell’s Lead Sled!

*This Gear Court reviewer received this product for free.

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    Marti Davis is a staff member for Browning Trail Cameras, WoolX and Mossy Oak. She is an authority on most types of hunting in North America, and very active in mentoring the next generation of young hunters.