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The Gear Gals: Terri Lee Pocernich’s pick for a trail cam is the Predator

terri_lee_pocernich1She relies on a trail cam, especially for her quest with her son Kale as a teammate in Wisconsin Outdoor Networks season of Battle of the Bow, in which she and Kale are one of 10 teams competing for the biggest buck. Read her review of the Predator trailcam and why she prefers this make.

If you ask me what I could not be without this season, I would have to say I absolutely could not be without my Predator trailcams. These cameras (I have one Xtinction and one Evolution XR) get big thumbs up from me. We have been tracking our split-tine buck and his movements and these cameras have been invaluable. They are so easy to use and to program.

Terri Lee Pocernich and Kale Williamson

Terri Lee Pocernich and Kale Williamson

They take 10 AA batteries and I can change them out with rechargeable batteries that I have ready to go, right in the field. Predator says the batteries will last up to 6 weeks but I am finding that I get about 4 days out of the rechargeable batteries I bought. I think a better quality rechargeable would work better. I tried the NiCad throwaway batteries and got close to 4 weeks out of those.

It is a “True” IR trailcam – meaning it never flashes in the faces of the deer and there is no glowing light, yet it provides quality pictures and videos every time even at night.

I love being able to view the pictures or videos on 3.5-inch color touch screen display out in the field with the ability to pan or zoom in to get a better look. I know right away what has been there, or not been there.

I just lock the pictures or videos I want, delete the ones I don’t want with one push of a button and upload my locked ones onto the flash drive. I trade-out flash drives and head home. The trailcam never has to come down from where I have placed it, eliminating unnecessary trips into the woods. With a two-year old child at home, the fewer trips I have to make to the camera, the better!

The only trouble I have with these cameras is it is a little hard to get the locking device opened when I want to check them. I can usually get it open but it takes some effort. My hubby on the other hand has no problem opening it. I guess I am just a wimp!

xtinctionOther Features include:


• 4-digit security code to prevent theft

• 5 burst images in under 5 seconds

• Date/time on each image/video

• High resolution, day/night video clips (10-30 sec.)

• Activation delays from 10 sec. to 1 hr.
by 10 sec. increments

• All glass lenses for superior clarity, not plastic like other leading competitor

• Built in power jack for optional external 12 volt battery (sold separately)

• Up to 4 GB per storage device. Store to either a USB

jump drive or compact flash card (sold separately)

• 100% waterproof indestructible case.


*This Gear Court reviewer received this product for free.

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