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Victory Arrow donates proceeds of each sale to National Breast Cancer Foundation

Bowhunters and archery shooters recognize the name Victory Archery and its top-notch arrows. Victory Archery recently launched the Pink Arrow Project, offering its full line of VForce arrows in hot pink.pinks1

A large percentage of the proceeds from Pink Arrow Project sales will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Victory Archery General Manager Bart Lawhorn said, “We at Victory are so proud to be part of such a good cause in fighting this terrible disease. … The Pink Arrow Project has caught on like wildfire. We sell a great number of these arrows to women, but we have pushed the campaign one step further, encouraging men to carry at least one pink arrow in their quivers to help the fight against breast cancer.” Bart mentioned that this initiative has been very well received and noted that more and more men are starting to carry the pink arrows.

While it is always a bonus to find great companies in the industry that support the fight against breast cancer, it is equally important to note that the VForce arrows Victory Archery produces are engineered to ensure accurate shots and clean kills. Engineered with the highest quality carbon fiber, these arrows practically guarantee a tighter tolerance in weight as well as flying straight and with great accuracy.

These VForce pink arrows are now available in all three sizes of VForce arrows and shafts. Bohning Archery is also supporting the cause, by contributing white double-lock Blazer nocks and white and hot pink Blazer vanes. Victoryarchery.com.

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