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Babbs in the Woods: An easy-cheesy guide to wearing camo

barb-baird-out-standing-in-field2Let’s face it. Camo is cool. You see it everywhere, including underwear.

But there are times when it’s not cool. Forget Miss Manners – this just makes common sense. If roughly 20 percent of the public is pro-hunting and 20 percent is anti-hunting, then we really need to impress the 60 percent that hasn’t made up their minds yet – kind of like “moderates” in Congress. You just never know what’s going to turn their stomachs one day or make them close their eyes and vote to alter the Constitution the next day.

Where not to wear camo:

  1. A visit to Taco Bell (or any other food establishment) after you’ve field dressed your deer, not wiped or washed your arms and oh, what’s that hanging out of your truck in the parking lot with its tongue out and dripping a bit? In fact, if you’ve worn your clothes afield, go through the drive-through. If you have an animal in your truck bed or strapped on top, go home or back to camp and make a sandwich. Or order pizza, delivered.
  2. To weddings, funerals and other occasions where church attire is required.
  3. Same thing holds true for drive-through banks, tobacco and liquor shops, pharmacies. Don’t be driving around with a dead buck in your trunk – at least that people can see.

Where to wear camo:

  1. Duh, you know … when you’re hunting.
  2. As a touch in an accessory, to make a lifestyle statement – a purse, a wallet, a ballcap, cargo shorts, a nice jacket that isn’t torn and dirty. OK … your underwear.
  3. Clean camo may be worn while applying for a permit in any sporting goods stores, or other types of stores that carry the full line of hunting paraphernalia — including Ed’s Tackle, Beer and Bait Shop on the corner.

These rules are easy to follow and will go a long way to making hunting seem more civilized to those who need to be educated, the 60 percent.

Be safe. Be strong. Be smart. Remember your blaze orange.

~Barbara Baird

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  • About Barbara Baird

    Publisher/Editor Barbara Baird is a freelance writer in hunting, shooting and outdoor markets. Her bylines are found at several top hunting and shooting publications. She also is a travel writer, and you can follow her at https://www.ozarkian.com.


The Conversation

  • bbowers says: November 13, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    Another excellent post, Barb!

  • Emily says: November 12, 2009 at 11:21 pm

    Great advice! I love sporting my camo in a tasteful manner.

    Kirstie – hmm… camo bikini at Taco Bell drive thru?

  • Jo Schaper says: November 12, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    But, Puh-Leeze don’t be like the fellow in the small town diner we saw Sunday night. Three different patterns: cap/shirt/pants — all at once. At least it was all temperate forest gear, but the cap was winter dead leaf and white camo, the shirt was Mossy Oak or a close knockoff, and the pants were digital camo.

    I think even an eyeless cavefish would see him coming.

  • Kirstie Pike says: November 12, 2009 at 11:33 am

    So I guess you don’t want to wear your camo bikini through the Taco Bell drive through then..huh?

  • Stacey Huston says: November 12, 2009 at 9:20 am

    lol.. good post Barb.. Should have seen the strange looks I got wearing camo after hunting just to pick up groceries… It was clean…so must be because it is rifle season and most only wear orange.. but sure hope it isn’t because of bad impressions that the other hunters are leaving on the public…
    All I can do at that point is hold my head high.. I am a firm believer that actions speak louder than words…Show some class, honor and integrity in all you do..
    Thanks Barb..