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Babbs in the Woods: So, is this how it’s going to be?

barb-baird-out-standing-in-field2It started earlier in the afternoon, a few hours before I poked a straw through my diet cherry-limeade at the Sonic on Saturday and dumped 12 ounces of ice-cold cherry drink onto my lap and into the seat below it. That meant I had to sit on top of a pile of napkins while cherry limeade gushed out of the seat every time I moved for the next hour. Actually, the string of bad luck started when I almost tipped over on my four-wheeler while crossing a gravelly embankment because, as often happens here in the Ozarks, a huge rock pushed up from the ground right before my left front wheel went over it. Is it possible to jump off the dang thing uphill when it’s rolling downhill? I hope I never have to find out.

A deer track and a Doeville sighting! Proving there's another use for a stick of lip balm. Photo by Barbara Baird.

A deer track and a DoeVille lip balm sighting! Proving there's another use for this must-have item in the woods. Photo by Barbara Baird.

Now, the misfortune continues as I search for all of my deer tags – including archery and firearms for two counties – two extra sets of ATV keys and a pin for my rifle scabbard.

But, hey, this morning my husband brought me a set of binoculars and had me peer out the windows in the second floor blue bedroom to see a beautiful seven-pointer nosing through the woods nearby. The buck was following a doe and his neck was already swollen. Good signs, since rifle season, opening day, is this coming Saturday.

Maybe by then, I will have located my keys, pin and most importantly, the tags. Otherwise, I’ll get a quick education on how to get replacements on all of the aforementioned items.

~Barbara Baird

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