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Guru Huntress: Don’t stop thinking pink

newnancyjoBreast Cancer Awareness month is now behind us and the memories of those that have passed to this cruel disease still weigh on the minds of those that they left behind. Those that have lost a loved one to breast cancer are the first to proudly wear or embellish the symbolic pink ribbon, or purchase pink products in efforts of contributing in some small way to the cause.

crushfieldpointtargettnBreast cancer awareness rallying groups and/or funds have multiplied tenfold over the last five years and retailers marketing products specifically for aid to these funds seem to be hitting every market. The hunting industry is no different. Earlier this year I highlighted “The Crush” bag target by Morrell. Morrell Corporation donates a portion of the funds received from the sale of this target to a breast cancer awareness group.

pink_arrow_+flier[1]Victory Archery is another company that markets a hunting product that contributes to the breast cancer awareness cause. Victory arrows are made in North America with the highest quality carbon composite fibers available which have a smooth hot pink polished finish and are available in Vforce 350, 400 and 500. A large portion of the proceeds from the sales of the “Pink Project” arrows are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Bohning Archery and Innerloc also teamed up with Victory to complete the VForce Pink Project hunting arrow. Bohning contributed white double-lock Blazer nocks and hot pink and white blazer vanes and Innerloc introduced the new pink three blade 100 grain broadhead with tunable Blade Alignment Technology (B.A.T.).

I have been fortunate enough to dodge the breast cancer diagnosis after a few scares of my own. I also have been fortunate not to have lost a loved one or acquaintance from breast cancer. My friend and Up North Journal teammate has not been so fortunate.

Dan DeFauw’s mother, Audrey “Kleino” DeFauw, found out she had breast cancer in 1994. An active woman in her community and loved by many, she fought a hard battle, never swaying to the tiring cancer treatments and unyielding pain. Audrey worked relentlessly in the family-owned florist business, Fraser Florist in Fraser, Mich., and was a pillar in the community. She was an outstanding mentor to other women, volunteering her time to many causes and dedicated to progress and preservation of the Fraser community. Audrey DeFauw received a Proclamation by the City of Fraser in August 1998, three short months before her passing.

I admire Dan for his decision to use the Victory Pink Project arrows in memory of his mother and those who have passed to breast cancer. His heartfelt dedication to the cause is evident in his sharing of the Victory Pink Project Arrows with a close friend of his, Tom Murphy, who lost his wife, Sandy, to breast cancer this past August. My hope is that this will become a growing trend in the hunting community.

There is no better way to represent the memory of a lost loved one than to do it publicly. Of course, Dan may receive a little ribbing by proudly displaying the hot pink arrows in his quiver, but when he immodestly states that he is honoring the memory of his mother and those who have passed of breast cancer, I bet you will be able to hear a pin drop.

I was in the store just yesterday picking up a new supply of batteries and was lucky enough to find all the sizes I needed made by Energizer and specially marked for breast cancer awareness contribution. Now that Breast Cancer Awareness month is in the past, let us keep it in our hearts and mind to support those manufacturers who go above and beyond to contribute to such a noble fund and let’s keep on purchasing those products for the cause.

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