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Kathryn Nazzaro gets 'eye-to-eye' with wolf

This photo was taken back in the 1990s — back in the days of film. He was a wolf companion shot at one of the many Native American gatherings “pow wows” I have attended.

nazzaro wolfHe was beautiful and I got many photos of him. This one is my favorite because I caught a whisp of that wild essence still in him behind those eyes. Back then I was shooting on a Canon A1 and I believe this was with a 35-105mm manual focus lens on 35mm film. Main focus: making sure he was comfortable with me!

~Kathryn Nazzaro


Kathryn Nazzaro works for Hunt’s Photo & Video in sales. In fact, she was “top sales person” for 2007 and 2008.

Kathryn says, “For as long as I can remember, I have loved the outdoors and all the beauty it has to offer. I started exploring the outdoors at the age of three, by catching snakes, frogs, turtles and birds. I began fishing at my “Nana’s” camp in Raymond, N.H., from the dock or by rowboat all by myself. I’d row across the lake to an island to eat the wild blueberries.

“Loving nature and being fascinated by it has shaped my life into how I live today. The outdoors is my church. I have grown to love outdoor photography and have been active in this area for 17 years. Teaching myself by books and lots of practice has brought me lots of great photos and experiences to remember. Being onboard with Hunt’s Photo and Video sales team has introduced me to a lot of great outdoor photographers across the country.”

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  • Deb Ferns says: November 30, 2009 at 9:11 am

    What a beautiful photo! Years ago we attended a “howl in” up Washington with our daughter at large wolf recovery area. No way we ever got close enough to get a decent photo but the howls across the night were a memory of a lifetime.