The Food Plot: Cooking with Heroes belongs in patriots' kitchens

I opened the package and took the cookbook out and immediately, my eyes went to the flag-draped coffin on the cover. I didn’t know what to think about that illustration on the front of the cookbook, until I read the foreword and then, flipped through the pages to find fallen heroes and their favorite recipes featured throughout. In most cases, the military soldiers’ moms contributed the recipes, along with some quips about their loved ones. The book also contains recipes from soldiers who came home. It connects us through food.

cooking with heroesIn Cooking with Heroes, published by American Military Family, recipes from veterans who served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan are featured throughout in a smorgasbord that might reveal a recipe for Southwest Shepherd’s Pie on one page and Congo Bars nearby on another page. No sections here; it’s like flipping through a buffet line where no one organized the food into sections. But, that’s OK, because interspersed throughout the book are the photos of those who once asked their moms to make these dishes, like Second Lt. Jeffrey C. Graham and the Spinach Souffle recipe on page 31.

open cookbookWe tried the General Tso’s Chicken and enjoyed the light, zesty sauce. Next for our table will be the Venison Round Roast.

All funds from sales of the book will raise money for the Gold Star Program. If you’d like to order a book, see The book retails for $18.99.

~Barbara Baird

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