WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Women are choosing handguns for personal protection more than ever before

In 2003, the number of women who applied to get a concealed carry permit for the first time in the state of South Carolina was 859. So far in 2009, that number has risen to 3,386.  Monica Alexander is one of the many women who have changed their minds about guns being “a bad idea.” According to Monica,

“You need a gun for protection, that’s why we got them mainly,” she said. “I never believed in guns. I was against guns.”

Monica and her friend, Sharon Skvoretz, are only a few of the growing number of women who have applied and received a permit to carry a handgun concealed in their purses or hidden beneath their clothes. They are also enjoying participation in the shooting sports more than ever before.

For the complete story, read this article online at The State, South Carolina’s Homepage from contributors Lee Higgins and Rick Brundrett.

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