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Babbs in the Woods: A father-daughter walk in the woods by artist Bob White

proisbarb-fly-fishingIt’s Friday. Let’s take a deep breath and not pop a yoga move. Instead, let’s get another cup of coffee or tea, settle in at the computer chair and head over in cyberspace to Bob White’s introspective blog at Whitefish Studio online.

Bob White, a writer and also an artist who works in watercolors, oils, pencil and ink, also pens a weekly blog titled Thursday Morning Art Review. This week, Bob told a story that is delightful and calming to read. It was an essay in Gray’s Sporting Journal. His style reminds me of the writings of Philip Gulley, author of the bestselling series  Harmony. He writes about a walk to a stream to collect watercress with his four-year-old daughter, Tommy.

Bob White. Photo by Byron Harris.

Bob White. Photo by Byron Harris.

Bob reminds us that during this time of year, in the run up to the holidays, what really matters is the time spent with our children and families. You’ll be glad that you walked along with Bob and Tommy, and no doubt you’ll come away feeling that hope and beauty can be found outside your doorway if you just look for it. Read the essay here. ~Barbara Baird

Bob White painting

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