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Gear Court: Dirty Firearms granted reprieve with Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit

saraswatChristmas is fast approaching!  If you are looking for a gift that will really make an impression, you should consider the Otis Elite gun cleaning system.  I first heard of Otis Technology, Inc. when I attended a vendor EXPO at the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) two years ago.  I am a gun owner and am certified as an armorer for ARs, Smith and Wesson, and Glock.  I have had some bad experiences with gun cleaning rods and brushes in the past.  I have yet to experience those problems with my Otis Elite gun cleaning kit.

Initially, I purchased the Tactical 750 kit by Otis through Brownell’s.  I had wanted to purchase the Elite Kit, but settled for the Tactical 750.  The Tactical 750 is about $65, and the Elite kit runs about $130.  So I bought the less expensive one.  There is the saying, “buy cheap, buy twice.”  For me it is, “make a decision where cost is the deciding factor, you will buy twice.”  There was nothing wrong with the kit I purchased, it was just smaller than the Elite.  Had I realized that the Tactical Kit was included in the Elite Kit, my purchasing decision would have been different.  Of course, I did eventually upgrade to the Otis Elite cleaning kit.  I am very glad I did, this kit has everything.


There are several features of this kit that were attractive to me.  Right out of the box, I was struck by the organization of the kit’s components.  Every piece has its place.  The brushes are housed in plastic vials, which are strapped to the inside of the kit by elastic bands.  The vials are marked with the gun caliber.  Velcro attaches the Tactical 750 to the inside of the kit.  This allows for easy removal so the user can take it along.

Otis provides its consumers with a video DVD on how to use their product.  I found the video helpful, but wished it had a little more detail.  For instance, adjusting the patches to the various caliber sizes is briefly discussed.  I am a paint-by-numbers kind of person and need to see every size caliber created.  I haven’t had a problem with getting the patches to work, but wonder if I am sizing them correctly.

This kit contains brushes and necessary components to clean all rifles, shotguns, pistols and air guns (calibers .177-10 gauge).  Otis uses Memory-Flex cleaning rods.  This is a cable that the user attaches to the bore and chamber cleaning brushes and slotted tip attachment.  The user pulls the brushes and patches from breach to muzzle.  The design allows the attachments to rotate.  Rod attachments are also included, but my preference is to pull the brushes as opposed to pushing a rod through the barrel.  Plus, the cable is quicker and easier to use than the rods.  Rod sections must be screwed together before and after each use.

I also found that the ability to reuse the patches up to six times to be an economic feature, not to mention environmentally more friendly than one-time use patches.  The patches do run about 6 to 8 cents per patch, depending on quantity purchased.  This is more expensive than other patches, but you get more use from the Otis patches.  The patches are also thicker and more absorbent than other patches and do not leave debris.

One feature I would change in the cleaning kit would be the packaging of the cleaning solvent Ultra Bore.  It comes in a tube that must have the tip punctured to use.  I might be the only person with this issue, but consistently I make the hole in the tube too big.  I end up having too much solvent pour out.

Overall, I like the effectiveness and setup of the kit.  My husband and I use it often and it is holding up great.  To see all features and components of the Elite Cleaning System by Otis, go to Brownell’s.~Sara Ahrens

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