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Promaster Infinity Elite binoculars from Hunt's Photo make great gift

From Kathryn Nazzaro, Hunt’s Video, Photos and definitely Digital … I have some great binoculars to share with you. We are featuring our Promaster Infinity Elite binoculars just in time for the holidays. If you are looking for high quality, crisp, bright binoculars to spot your game, these are a winner.

Promaster Infinity Elite Binoculars

Kathryn’s tip: On binoculars the first number is always the magnification amount and second number is the diameter of each lens which determines how much light is let in. For example 8x would be 8x what your eye is naturally seeing. Second number is diameter which also determines size and how bright they will be. The larger the diameter the less your eyes will strain because they will let in more light at a 42mm diameter than a 25mm diameter.

Promaster Infinity Elite ELX 10x42 from Hunt's

Promaster Infinity Elite ELX 10x42 from Hunt's

We have a variety of sizes available starting off with the 8×25 and 10×25 are the most compact. If you want a little brighter view you would step up to the 8×32 and 10×32 which are not much bigger physically. For an even brighter view you would step up to the 8×42 and 10×42 and they have still kept these a slim line binocular.

At the top of the line there is the ELX 8×42 and 10×42 choices. These feature Extra Low Dispersion glass which corrects aberrations yielding superior image clarity and resolution. These are comparable to some of the very high end binoculars that have a much higher end price tag than our promaster infinity elite line. They have received great reviews and all come with a lifetime warranty no matter what happens as long as you can retrieve them whole or in pieces! They are all also waterproof, fogproof and nitrogen filled to make sure they always perform in extreme conditions. They feature a Bak 4 roof prism silver and phase coated to ensure very sharp images. All optical glass surfaces are broadband multicoated including Promaster’s exclusive transbright and repellamax coatings. The ocular off all models has the most amount of eye relief possible. All include a case and neck strap and a great price!

Kathrynnazzaro1tnPlease contact me directly for the best price possible. My email is : knazzaro@wbhunt.com

Or you may call me at 1-800-924-8682 make sure to ask for Kathryn Nazzaro.

Also visit our website at : huntsphotoandvideo.com to see if there are any other items of interest I may help you with as well.

Thanks in advance for your support and Happy Holidays to all!


Kathryn Nazzaro

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