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Camp Wild Girls launches 'hunting parties' concept

To kick off the New Year Camp Wild Girls announces Camp Wild Girls “Hunting Parties” – featuring Prois Hunting Apparel.

What is a “hunting party” you might be asking yourself? Well remember all those home parties that you didn’t really want to go to because they didn’t have anything you really wanted to buy? Well we are going to change all that. As one gal put it “Oh it is like tupper**** party only for kick a#$ chicks!” Exactly, my friend!

You will now be able to try on all the Prois Hunting apparel, and Camp Wild Girls clothing in the comfort of your own house or maybe a friend’s. It will be getting a bunch of “wild” gals together for a wild  kinda time!

If you have an interest in attending, or throwing a party or possibly even becoming a rep, please contact me at party@campwildgirls.com. Please be patient until we can get to your area since this is a very new program.

~Terri Lee Pocernich

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