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Get free copy of Camp Compass 10 Year Anniversary CD

Camp Compass is a nonprofit program developed for urban, disadvantaged youth by John Annoni. His staff of volunteer mentors are making a difference in the inner city by providing hunting, fishing, archery, tutoring, social guidance, and other outdoor youth activities.

Camp Compass is a unified effort to introduce urban, middle & high school students to various outdoor activities.

During these sessions students will be introduced and networked to community businesses and working role models. The consequence will be an educated and influenced population understanding conservation, sportsmen’s philosophies and their activities.

The children involved are helped with life through a structured program fostering self esteem, providing role models and influencing positive choices.

For a free copy of our 10th year Anniversary interactive CD please click here. It features an in depth look at the last 10 years of Camp Compass. Your continued support means the world to our students.

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