My Job … My Outdoors: Tracy Jarvis plays well with others

It’s obvious that Tracy Jarvis wants to share her outdoors in lovely Utah with as many women (and sometimes their significant others) as possible. Last year, Tracy launched Annie Oaks Outdoors, a business that creates getaways in some of Utah’s most scenic spots.

My Job

I may fit better into a category titled “Some of my jobs!” I work as an account manager for a pet food company by day and organize retreats on the side. This endeavor is like being a volunteer, even though I am the owner.

Tracy Jarvis, Christine Prows and Rachel Hopkins at a WITO event in June 2009.

Tracy Jarvis, Christine Prows and Rachel Hopkins at a WITO event in June 2009.

I also teach hunters education courses part-time and cook for a hunting guide company a couple weeks a year.  After taking a year hiatus from a previous 10 years of working and volunteering for a women’s outdoor outreach program (the NWTF’s Women in the Outdoors program) I was inspired to start a new life experience, Annie Oaks Outdoors. During those years I was blessed to locate some of Utah’s best and sometimes unknown outdoor destinations.  I find it hard to beat a weekend in Utah’s backcountry and receive great pleasure in introducing and sharing these experiences with others.

Although most of these “bucket list” adventures are for women only, a couple times a year Annie Oaks Outdoors hosts couples’ retreats for the outdoor adventure in you and yours.   In the past, we have conquered the rapids of the Colorado  River near Moab, explored 80 miles of the infamous Paiute Trail while riding ATVs, stepped back in time to ride 14 miles on horseback along the Butch Cassidy Trail near Bryce Canyon and I’m just getting started!

There are no special requirements to become an “Annie Oaks Adventurer”… just love of the outdoors.  People from all walks of life can come together to enjoy themselves and meet new people. For many it is their time, for some the only time, they can get together with friends and loved ones for outdoor recreation.

These adventures are convenient, economical and FUN!  We (Scrub and I) take care of almost everything for you.  While attending an Annie Oaks Outdoors retreat you will experience professional service from our hosts, great food, breathtaking scenery, and adventures second to none.  I am very excited about all the fun adventures planned for 2010.

My Outdoors

Tracy and Jason Jarvis

I like to do just about anything outdoors, including hunting, fishing, camping, exploring, you name it – I just love to be in the outdoors.  I have hunted elk, deer, turkeys, and a variety of birds and small mammals here in Utah.  I really love the traditions and serenity of it all. I have become very passionate about doing my part to keep the hunting heritage alive, thus why I teach hunters education and organize events to help others be involved as well.  We can usually find something outdoorsy to do all year round. Whether it be ice fishing in the winter to ATVing in the summer.

Southern Utah is my husband’s, Jason’s, and my destination choice for turkey and deer hunting.  One of our favorite things to do while on hunting trips is to drive a lot and I don’t mean road hunting. We do plenty of “spot and stalk” or “call and wait” hunting in the morning and evening. But, during the day, we just want to see where the next unknown road or trail leads. Southern Utah has acres and acres of undeveloped areas rich in history, wildlife and beautiful scenery. We’ve been chased by a Charolais bull in the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, stalked by a cougar in the Boulder Mountains and wondered several times if we’d make it out alive from some retreat location.

Tracy Jarvis and her daughter Justa on a Butch Cassidy ride near Bryce Canyon last year.

My husband is my best huntin’ buddy. I do believe there would be fewer divorces if couples could spend QUALITY time together in the outdoors, without the worries of everyday life.  I think it’s similar to joys of childhood.

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The Conversation

  • Sarah Kay Peterson says: January 13, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    I love this about Tracy! She is like my second mom! I love her family! They are some of the best people to have a really good time with! They always have fun!

  • Casey Christensen says: January 13, 2010 at 9:02 pm

    Any event Tracy hosts is truly a BLAST! No one goes away disappointed. There is something for everyone and Tracy thinks of everything!