WON Landing Page OCT 2022

'The Outdooress' will not put lipstick on her fish either

This woman’s got quite a way with words. Like when she describes sitting in a windy tree stand as “nightmare on Tree Street,” or her headline for a frustrating fly tying experience, “The Twisted Sister Fly and the Whippersnappers.”

We like her sense of humor and her willingness to get out there in Idaho and Montana and hunt and fish … and keep a journal. Read Rebecca Anne’s life as “The Outdooress” and sign up for updates that appear weekly. The photography and layout of the website are beautiful and the philosophy — outstanding! Rebecca Anne is not afraid to take on politicians and policy decisions, and she’s not afraid to laugh at herself either — a good blend, we think. Oh, and she communicated to us that she will not be one of those babes in waders who puts on the makeup before a camera shot … and we like that about her, too.

Rebecca, aka 'The Outdooress.' Courtesy of her website.

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