WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Want to work on getting more 'peace of mind?' Check out Epona Rivers Retreats

At Epona Rivers we strive to help you create a quality of mind.  It is our goal to teach the skills needed to help you remain happy and as “non-reactive” as possible to what challenges you in your daily life.  This quality of mind will bring your relationships with all things, into a better feeling place, be it family, husband, work, food, alcohol, etc.  We promote a teaching that develops your ability to understand your thoughts and your emotions to allow yourself to feel better with all things.

Contact Epona Rivers today to schedule your corporate, or personal retreat.  There is no one that cannot benefit from this program to get to their happiest selves.   For more information go to www.eponarivers.com, or call 321-773-2485 or email me at info at eponarivers.com

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