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Welcome to the world of outdoor video

The WON welcomes outdoor videographers, brother-and-sister dynamic duo Bob Martin and Marilyn Vogel. Bob and Marilyn collaborate with Deb Ferns and the instructors of Babes with Bullets’ ladies action shooting camps to feature video that tells a story, as well as provides visual entertainment. You can see this week’s illustration at YouTube and at our featured video on the right regarding how to use a crane effectively with your video camera. We look forward to more tips from Bob and Marilyn in this popular category at The WON.

At ProVideos 4U, we strive to maintain viewing interest as well as tell the story. We’ve found that the crane gives us a wide variety of angles. Bob built this crane and we use it at Babes’ camps to shoot at eye level and then, pull back and up with the wide angle – giving a bird’s eye view of the whole picture. Then, we reverse this technique to add interest and also, it gives the viewer not only the bird’s eye view, but also a sensation of flying into the scene. The crane allows us to pan and move over a large area, smoothly. You can see this technique illustrated at our YouTube site here.


Bob Martin has lived in Tucson, Ariz., since 1961. He started out his career as a machinist, then decided to take his trumpet and music more seriously. After graduating from the University of Arizona School of Music, was employed by the Barnum and Bailey circus for 17 years as lead trumpet and associate band director.  During that time, he managed to record 11 national TV specials and other televised events. He also developed several different skills, one of which was taking video and video editing.

In the ’90s, he moved back to Tucson and started his company, A Videosyncrasy, LLC; it is now called ProVideos 4U.  In the process of growing his video production company, he discovered another market. Inundated with family film, 8mm, 16mm with sound, he started looking into ways of transferring that old film to DVD. ProVideos 4U then became not only a video production company, but also one that specializes in transferring all video and film formats to DVD as well as audio formats to CD. You may call Bob at 877-321-7288 or 520-326-7288.  Email address ProVideos4U at yahoo.com.

Marilyn Vogel has been an Arizonian since 1961. She spent the first 30 years of her adult life in the banking and accounting business. In 2002 she was introduced to USPSA action pistol shooting by Deb Ferns (Babes with Bullets) and became a big fan of the new sport. She also found that she loved being behind a camera, starting out with still photos back in the ’70s and then graduating to video in the ’90s. When video editing became available on the Apple computer in 2003, she was hooked and haven’t lost any of the passion since. Since 2005, she has had the privilege of partnering and being mentored by ProVideos 4U, a Tucson-based full video production company owned and operated by her brother, Bob Martin. She adds, “I’ve enjoyed traveling with the Babes with Bullets camps, filming and editing the wonderful stories that come from these camps.” You can see Marilyn’s work at http://babeswithbullets.com/

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  • Nancy Jo Adams says: January 20, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    I am looking forward to the information and tips that you bring to the WON. I am a new video camera user and my husband and I both need the education and tips that you will offer.

    I will peruse your website as soon as I have a free minute to delve into it.

    Nancy Jo