WON Landing Page OCT 2022

A book for a huntress

A book every huntress should read! A favorite to take to the woods! Here’s your opportunity to own ‘Heart Shots,’ a book written by women about hunting, edited by Mary Zeiss Stange.

“There are differences in the way women go about hunting and telling its story. Some are subtle and some are startling. In this marvelous collection a full range of writers from hard-edged realists to contemplative naturalists express the complex thought and emotion that constitute hunting with intelligence and insight. These women are aware of the fact that they are doing something distinctly out of the ordinary. And this is a book distinctly out of the ordinary as well, to be enjoyed, pondered, and savored by women and men alike, all who appreciate a good story well told.”

$24.95 — plus 25% off and free shipping at Doeville

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