WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Blue Book Publications launches new website for mobile apps

Blue Book Publications, Inc. is excited to announce its new website designed specifically for mobile applications! This new website allows users to view their online subscriptions and inventories on ISP as well as place orders and manage their accounts anywhere in the world via their mobile device with internet access! Since this website is designed specifically for mobile devices, all the information downloads quickly and accurately to the smaller screen size of mobile devices. This is very helpful for those who do a lot of buying and selling away from a book or a computer since information and values can be accessed from anywhere your mobile device works via the Online Subscription. Whether you’re at a gun show, pawn/gun shop, or auction, get accurate information and values immediately by using Blue Book Publications’ Online Subscription and ISP through our new website designed specifically for mobile devices. See  www.bluebookinc.com

Press contact: Cassandra Faulkner

800-877-4867, ext. 19

cassandraf at bluebookinc.com

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