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Babbs in the Woods: He was a ‘lusty wench’

He was a big man wearing a mighty big tee shirt. It read, in bold letters across the front, “Lusty Wench!” He was spotted wearing this shirt in public in our local Walmarts, as the locals call it.

We’re still snickering about that one. I snicker when I see tee shirts that outdoor folks wear that proclaim to the world that they are deer, bass, you-name-the-wild-game slayers. That’s as bad as grown men wearing their favorite NFL team’s jacket everywhere. No actually, it’s worse. Because you know those guys aren’t actually playing linebacker for the Rams, but some of these folks are actually out there in the woods – with the whole slayer attitude that frankly does not help educate the general public about why we hunt.

Why should we care about what the general public thinks? Because about 60 percent of them can be swayed one way or the other, either for or against hunting. It’s the same reason we don’t wear dirty, bloody camo to fast food restaurants … or anywhere in public if we don’t have to wear it.

I just saw a shirt for toddlers that read “Chicks love me. Deer fear me.” Duh, if you’re a cute kid, most chicks will love you. If you are a Homo sapiens, most deer will fear you. What is the big deal about proclaiming to the world that deer fear you? Hey, feral cats fear me. Squirrels fear me. That armadillo in my yard feared me the other day. And not because any gun came into the equation. They just fear me. Wow! With so many animals in the animal kingdom, like the brown trout in the stream, fearing me, I must be mighty powerful. Or, at least I could run around Walmarts in a shirt that makes that point.

I like the tees that state something simply, like “Glock.” Makes people wonder. And, it beats “Lusty Wench” any day.

~Barbara Baird

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The Conversation

  • Melita Ellington says: March 11, 2010 at 9:48 am

    I have a favorite long sleeve tee that I wear proudly: Remington. Enough said. And I agree – what else must it say? When I see someone wearing a tawdry tee with “BoneSmacker” all over it I’m not inclined to walk over and start up a conversation. But when I am standing next to someone wearing a Glock cap, or S&W cap, chances are we have something in common.

    I will admit, however, that at SHOT this year, I gave my best ever t-shirt idea to the Brownells: Does this gun make my butt look big? Hopefully they will make a fortune and send me a present. I wonder if they remember my name…

  • Stacey Huston says: March 11, 2010 at 8:40 am

    Awe come on Barb.. a big ugly hairy guy wearing a lusty wench shirt is funny.. you gotta admit.. but I totally agree, the sad part is that if you are being a good ambassador for hunting then that 60% usually never has a clue that you are a hunter or huntress unless they visit your home (and that is probably Not going to happen) . We really need to find a way to get that across in a positive manner. I very seldom talk to people when I am out in public, but that is where social media comes in Handy.. be a good roll model for those who don’t know…I am a wild life photographer and had 100’s of followers on my blog who were taken back when they realized I was a hunter.. I never lied to them.. I just don’t push it in their face.. when I posted that I was leaving on an elk hunt a few years ago.. I got comments like.. “Wow, not sure how to feel about that!” etc.. but I had already shown them the love and respect I have for nature, and as far an I know, I didn’t run anyone off with the fact that my whole family enjoys hunting and fishing..
    But I still like Lusty wench.. and if I find one of those shirts I just might have to get one for my dad…. lol.. with his gray beard he could be a lusty wench.. hehehe

  • Women's Outdoor News says: March 10, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    Thanks, Bill. I think you’re just biased cuz I’m your friend. And probably, you are, too, Barb H. What’s on your tees today, btw? And Morton Salt Girl … VERY funny, Canoelover! Good to see you here. Got any other tee shirt suggestions?

  • Barbara Hannon says: March 10, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    I’m with Bill. I’m still laughing! You ARE funny indeed friend!

  • Bill Bowers says: March 10, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    I’m still laughing! Brilliant, witty column.

    Hunters (and anglers) need to be ambassadors for the outdoor sports, and make the fraternity (and sorority) of outdoorsmen and women look like responsible, conservation-minded citizens to the public who are on the fence–and to kids, who are always watching adults, whether the adults know it or not.

  • Canoelover says: March 10, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    I want a t-shirt that says “Snails Fear Me” on the front and the Morton Salt Girl on the back.