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Radians introduces new line of PINK safety products for women

MEMPHIS, TN – April 26, 2010 –  Now, women can be fashionable with Radians new line of “PINK” products.  As more women become shooting sports enthusiasts, they require their own personalized equipment.  According to a survey by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, women represent 16% of modern sporting rifle shooters.  To meet this demand, Radians offers a variety of eye and hearing protection.  Through this new line of personal protection, women can have “PINK” safety gear made just for them.

The new Woman’s Shooting Glass has the elements of style and comfort.  It features a contemporary silver frame with pink accents, and it comes in smoke or clear lens color options.  The glass comprises of an adjustable rubber nose piece for all-day comfort and non-slip temples for a secure fit.  With the new shooting glass, women can trust they have the style, comfort and fit needed for indoor and outdoor target shooting.

To complement the glass, Radians offers Pink Custom Molded Earplugs, a must-have for women shooters requiring hearing protection.   The do-it-yourself kit molds easily with no mess, and in a matter of minutes, the finished product fits perfectly in the ear.  The earplugs have a noise reduction rating of 26 decibels.  They are safe, non-toxic, hyper-allergenic, and environmentally friendly. At a reasonable price, women can have the comfort of custom-fitted earplugs where high noise levels are present.

The Pink Pro-Amp™ Electronic Earmuff is also an optimal alternative for women shooters. Perfect for hearing range commands, the Pink Pro-Amp™ features digital electronics to increase low level sounds and compress harmful noises.  It has a noise reduction rating of 23, and it is fitted with dual microphones and independent volume controls.  These special electronics allow accurate pinpointing of the smallest sounds.  The earmuff has an adjustable CoolMax® headband.  It is also collapsible and compact enough to fit into a small bag.

Tracey Baird likes her Radians Pink Low Set Earmuff for shooting prairie dogs in SD. Photo by Barbara Baird.

Radians’ Pink Low Set Earmuff provides low profile hearing protection for women.  It is lightweight, and features a compact folding feature for easy storage.  The noise reduction rating is 21, and the adjustable CoolMax® headband allows for an optimum fit.

To complete the Radians assortment of “PINK” safety products, Radians also offers the Remington MP-22 Earmuff. This passive earmuff provides excellent hearing protection with a noise reduction rating of 22 decibels. The pink-colored earcups add a feminine touch, and the adjustable headband provides a secure, comfortable fit for women.  The MP-22 has a lightweight construction, and its sleek design is made to prevent gun stock interference.

For more information on the Radians® “PINK” product line, call 1-877-723-4267 or visit www.Radians.com.

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Radians provides a comprehensive line of quality protective gear to the work and sports performance market, including eyewear, hearing protection, head gear and accessories. With locations in Michigan, Nevada and Tennessee, Radians is able to provide its distributors with JIT shipments to meet their customers’ needs. The Memphis-based company has more than ten years experience in the personal protective equipment business, and offers its customers versatility, product innovation, flexibility, and a strong value proposition.

Kelsie K. Ray
Marketing Communications & Event Coordinator


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