WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Remington: One moment … one shot

Leading turkey authorities agree no one gives you the tools to wreck a longbeard’s day like Remington. Our specialized turkey shotguns send huge payloads downrange with unrivaled precision, handling ease and concealment. Add today’s best-patterning, hardest-hitting turkey loads, plus the finest in recoil-reduction technology, and you have the ultimate one-word answer to knocking down a gobbler this spring. Remington.

The lightning-fast handling characteristics of a pistol grip, meets the rock-steady aim of a thumbhole – in a truly ambidextrous design. Available as an accessory.

Soften your shot with the proven most effective recoil-dampening
technology on the market today.

The finest lead turkey payload available, delivering dense, consistent patterns, deep penetration and devastating power out of the tightly constricted turkey chokes.

Click here to learn more about Remington’s specialized turkey products.

Courtesy: National Wild Turkey Federation

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