WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Wanna make a melo-nanna mint green smoothie?

Spring is sprung / The grass is riz / I wonder where the green smoothies iz?

I didn’t have to look farther than my front garden to see that mint is up and at it already, and with a bunch of spinach in the crisper and some watermelon that ripened faster than I could chip away at it, I knew it was time to haul out the super duper blender and mix up a green smoothie.

I’m calling it my melo-nanna mint concoction. First I filled the blender half full of ice, then I threw two handfuls of spinach in there and oh yeah, in honor of Associate Editor  Paige Eissinger, a ripened old banana that was doomed to go to the compost heap and then, I cut out the rest of the watermelon, added some fresh picked mint and filled that blender full. I turned on the smoothie setting and you can see the results.

It looked like something my compost heap might turn into if I threw it in the blender, but it tasted far from it! And, I bet you’ll like it too. Get a little crazy in your kitchen this spring and whip up a green smoothie or two. And, if you come up with your own concoction, let us know!

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