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Babbs in the Woods: Wonderful women in waders

No bikinis in these shots. No tawdry come-hither, heavy-on-the-lip-gloss looks at the camera. Just pure joy of a woman whose beauty from the inside radiates to the outside and who just caught a big ole fish on a fly rod. Thanks to Hannah Belford and her blog, flyfishergirl.com, she highlights women fly fishers in a “weekly women in the stream photo.” Her photo this week features Lisa Rice with Lisa’s second Olympic Peninsula steelie on the Hoh River. Hannah adds, “Keep on rockin’ it, girl!”

Here’s how Hannah describes her mission: FLYFISHERGIRL.COM aims to become an online resource for women’s, ladies, and girls fly fishing and outdoor adventure travel. We want to provide the real dirt on fly-fishing tips, tricks, gear, fishing reports, and travel and guide recommendations. At the same time, we want to keep things real, and provide an outlook on angling from the female perspective.

Our mission is simply to empower you to be the best, safest, and most eco-aware fly angler you can be. We want to provide an area where female fly anglers of all skill levels can have an avenue to share their experiences and gain knowledge in a non-intimidating, educational and supportive environment.

If you don’t fly fish, hopefully this website will encourage and interest you enough that you will want to start. If you currently do fly fish, perhaps you will learn more, find anglers to fish with, or share your opinions and experiences with us.

Rock on, and fish on, too, Hannah! ~ Barbara Baird

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