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Gear Court: Hunter's Specialties Drag Harness and Game Cleaning Kit … Another Lifer, Indeed

Confidence has always been one of my strong points. Being the only female in our rather large testosterone-filled hunting group, I have always held my own … until the deer dropped, that is. Last season was the first season I didn’t have to call one of the guys to come help me drag my bag out of the woods.

Don’t get me wrong, I have tried. I hunt in a hilly, heavily wooded area, with obstacles galore. There have been many, many occasions where I have tried to drag the deer, my gun or bow, and myself from the woods to my “parkin’ spot,” only to end up frustrated and winded, and you guessed it, calling one of the guys to come rescue me and my meat.

NOT ANYMORE!!!! I was lucky enough to receive the Hunter’s Specialties Deluxe Deer Drag. I have to admit when I first saw the tiny package it came in, I was apprehensive about its durability. Boy, was I mistaken. The beautiful 8-pointer that I downed was of a really decent size. I had a heck of a time dragging him from behind the bush he decided to fall into. Once I got the rope from the harness around his neck, I had NO PROBLEMS dragging him out.

I give this product two-thumbs up, and if I had more thumbs, I would give them also! It felt good to finally hunt, beginning to end, without having to call the men folk in to help me. The harness is really easy to step into and get on. The rope itself looks small, but easily pulled the 160-lb. buck through brush, leaves, and other ground debris. The harness comes packaged up small enough to fit into pockets, and even after opened, rolls right back up.

The other thing that made this great day even easier for me was the Hunter’s Specialties Game Cleaning Kit. It came with my all-time new favorite “toy” ever, the Butt Out 2. I am sure the name itself is pretty self-explanatory, but, in my opinion, no pun intended there, this thing is FANTASTIC. Kind of hard to get used to using it if you already have your own way of cleaning a deer, but once you get into the habit of using it, it makes a difference.

The kit also includes a field dressing bag, field dressing gloves, one pair of shoulder length and one pair of wrist length, and finally a package of field wipes. I was sure I wouldn’t need those wipes, but even with the gloves, I managed to get blood everywhere.

In closing, A BIG KUDOS to Hunters Specialties. These two items, the Drag Harness and the Game Cleaning Kit were a hit! Don’t worry though, the boys’ egos weren’t hurt too awful much. I am sure I will need their help with something else in the future.

Thanks Hunter’s Specialties for a great line of products.~Danielle Wiedenhoeft

This product was received at no cost from the company for this product review.

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