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My Job … My Outdoors: Carol O'Day — no detail too small nor time outdoors wasted

Some of you may know her as the “American Huntress,” from a television show that she appeared on at Sportsman Channel for two years. Others might know her as the president of MG Arms Inc., a small independent Texas-based business, best known for manufacturing custom “MGA Ultra-Light” rifles, the “DragonFly” revolver and the “K-Yote Varmint System.” MG Arms also performs general gunsmithing and customizing of personal firearms. The customizing might include checkering, done by Carol O’Day, who relishes the opportunity to create a personalized touch to a firearm.

My Job

Kerry and Carol O'Day, owners of MG Arms. Photo by Jason Baird.

My job is that I do everything all day long at MG Arms; I’m a jack of all trades and work on guns. I do the finish work, and I make sure the quality is there before the gun goes out the door. I sweep the floors and do the shipping. Checkering is my way of mental therapy. At the end of the day I go into my checkering area and it has to be quiet and target, low light. That’s where I mellow out and do the checkering, getting focused on what I need to do.

My Outdoors

Here's Carol on an Alberta whitetail deer hunt in 2008.

When I go outside, I obviously like to hunt. My life revolves around camping and hunting and being a good steward of the land. I have two children and they love to hunt and be outdoors, so I did my job! If I’m not hunting, I’m usually sitting in a stand watching the wildlife. If I’m not hunting, I’m watching! I’ve traveled all over the world and hunted. Africa is my passion right now and I’m going back in September after a Cape Buffalo with a handgun, a .500 Linebaugh revolver.  I’ve been practicing every week and building up the strength in my arms and wrists!People are always asking, “Which hunt was your favorite?” and I have always responded by saying, “The next one.” With each trip and hunt I go on, I always learn something about myself. On a caribou hunt in Alaska, I learned just how far I was willing to walk across the frozen tundra before throwing in the towel and on a moose hunt in Alberta, Canada, I learned how to do without many comforts and conveniences because I was in a one room log cabin with seven men for a week!  It’s the challenge of making it to the other side of the unknown from the perspective of a hunter and a woman, along with the satisfaction of accomplishment that keeps me going.

Carol and crew on a Nilgai hunt in 2010.

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The Conversation

  • Aaron Buffington says: July 11, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    Hey cousin ! whenare ya’ll gonna be in Nevada? will be after Elk (muzzle Loader)this year . 2more til my grandson hunts ! tuff dry year ,but have gotten great pics so far.

  • Brad King says: November 5, 2011 at 2:10 am


    I just got off the phone with my brother Brian. He was hunting there near Ashland…glad you got to see the great state of Oregon and hunt the wily blacktail…heard the trip could have been better, and believe it could have been better myself with the outfitter’s planning/prep/organization…there are monsters to be had in that country but just a few days to hunt makes it challenging at best…Nothing like being cold and wet…right?…LOL

    Take care
    Brad and Sierra King