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Commando Hunting Products launches Brenda Valentine's 'Sweet Talk'

BOLIVAR, Mo. –  Commando Hunting Products has signed two “Legends in the Outdoors” to endorse and promote a new signature series of game calls. The First Lady of Hunting®, Brenda Valentine, will assist Commando in producing a new series of turkey calls. Master game caller Alex Rutledge will be promoting a full line of game calls developed jointly by himself and Commando. The game calls promise to be worthy of the reputations of their namesakes.

The first woman to be inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame, Valentine was well known in her Tennessee locale as a super-successful deer hunter in addition to being a tough archery competitor when she joined the pro-circuit in 1986. She went on to win many state and several regional titles before picking up the IBO team national championship in 1991. She is now a national spokesperson for the National Wild Turkey Federation and host of “Turkey Call” on The Outdoor Channel. She is a member of Bass Pro Shops’ RedHead National Pro-Hunting Team and co-host to Bass Pro Shops’ “Real Hunting” show as well as a frequent guest on many other outdoor and conservation oriented programs.

Valentine works tirelessly to promote hunting and the outdoor lifestyle to women and youth across the country. In fact, Bass Pro Shops describes Brenda as the person who, single-handedly, is responsible for inspiring and introducing more women to hunting than any person alive.

“I’ve looked hard and waited a long time before putting my name on any turkey call product,” said Valentine. “The designers and engineers at Commando Hunting Products have now produced a line of friction calls to my specifications that I wholeheartedly recommend for all seasoned or novice turkey hunters. I’m proud to introduce the Brenda Valentine “Sweet Talk” by Commando.”

Rutledge, 2007 “Legends of the Outdoors” Hall of Famer of Rutt & Strutt Outfitters, will be promoting the new game calls series on his new TV show, “The Bloodline”. Rutledge was the Missouri State Turkey Calling Champion in 1986 as well as winning the National Amateur Turkey Calling Championship in Arkansas. He won the Grand National Gobbling Championship two years later in Atlanta, Georgia. Rutledge was honored to co-host the first-ever Governor’s Invitational Hunts in the states of Ohio and Missouri. In 1991, he won both the South Central Missouri Ozark Turkey Calling Champion and the Southwest Open Turkey Calling Champion held in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Rutledge has appeared on TNN Outdoors, ESPN Outdoor Adventure Magazine, and in various hunting videos and television commercials for Hunter’s Specialties, Inc. He has been featured in numerous outdoor magazine articles and has appeared as a guest on radio stations nationwide. He has conducted seminars on deer and turkey hunting across the country and guides fall archery deer hunts and spring turkey hunts each year near his home in southern Missouri.

“I’m very excited about the direction of Commando and Bloodline,” said Rutledge. “I’m looking forward to an awesome, awesome year and the years to come partnering and working with Commando in a long-term venture. I’m very proud to be associated with Commando and also with Brenda Valentine. Brenda is one of the women hunters who is dominant in the industry and who has done a lot for the industry. It’s an honor just to be on the same team she is on as well.”

Commando Hunting Products is a division of AC Metal Products, LLC, founded in 2005 by Alex Carr. The venture conjoins Carr’s true passion for hunting with his manufacturing technology degree in the development and manufacture of innovative new products in the age-old industry. Commando Vice President Matt Burtin joined the firm with nearly two decades of experience negotiating contracts with Fortune 500 companies. His love of hunting as well as his marketing and MBA degrees rounded out the company. Commando Hunting Products debuted at the NWTF Convention in Nashville in 2006 and has continued, each year, to expand its customer base and product lines.

Commando is a high energy, innovative company that works hard to promote the outdoors industry. Women and children in the outdoors are two areas that Carr and Burtin believe are essential to expanding the industry and the company supports many great organizations and public figures to reach these markets. www.commandthewild.com

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The Conversation

  • Anthony Beeson says: March 10, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    Any call that has Alex Rutledge name on it i garantee will be a huge success!!!!!
    Alex is one man that brings alot to the table , not only in the hunting industry but as a whole.He is a devoted family man as well as a good christian man.
    I am proud to say that i will definatley have one of his calls in my vest!!!!!!!!!
    Tony Beeson
    BLOODLINE Brother!!

  • Nancy Jo Adams says: August 21, 2010 at 9:34 am

    I am proud to be a part of the Commando Pro Staff and I am looking forward to field testing these signature calls and bringing those reviews to the WON readers. Congratulations to Commando for such making this connection. Thanks to Brenda and Alex, as well. I am looking forward to an awesome year with Commando Hunting Products.