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IHEA's new online training for hunter education instructors available now

New online instructor training developed by the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) makes learning how to share our hunting heritage more effective, accessible and convenient.

The IHEA-approved online curriculum, which was developed in partnership with Remington Outdoor Foundation, features lessons designed to enhance teaching skills using animation, photos, video and narration offering expert advice.

“This online curriculum was developed by IHEA’s curriculum committee, a team whose expertise in the professional development of instructors is unmatched,” said Tim Lawhern, president of IHEA. “The committee’s knowledge and dedication has resulted in a curriculum that’s considered best in class. It’s an excellent tool for preparing our volunteer instructors to teach new hunters to be safe, responsible and knowledgeable.”

The new online curriculum will help volunteer instructors learn how to create an exciting classroom, use positive communications techniques, teach according to students’ various learning styles and manage the classroom so it’s a productive learning environment.

“The more than 70,000 volunteer instructors in North American are the backbone of the Hunter Education Program,” said Jim Moore, president of Remington Outdoor Foundation. “”The Foundation’s funding and technical support combined with the IHEA’s curriculum allowed us to collectively create an online program that helps instructors renew their certification and encourages prospective mentors to help make hunting even safer and more enjoyable.”

To take the course and help uphold the future of hunting, visit www.IHEAtraining.com.

To learn more about Remington Outdoor Foundation’s work with partners, visit their website, OutdoorRoadmap.com, which is poised to become the leading online source for information and services for hunters, target shooters and conservationists.

About International Hunter Education Association (IHEA)

The International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) is the professional association for the 69 member agencies and the 70,000 volunteer instructors who teach hunter education in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, South Africa and New Zealand. For more information, visit IHEA at www.ihea.com.
About Remington Outdoor Foundation

Remington Outdoor Foundation, which was founded in January 2009 as a nonprofit 501 (C) (3), supports the efforts of its partners to share hunting, target shooting and other outdoor traditions while emphasizing safety, training, education, access and awareness. Remington Outdoor Foundation also upholds conservation principles through assisting partnership work on habitat enhancement, wildlife research and management projects. For more information, visit www.OutdoorRoadmap.com.
About OutdoorRoadmap.com
Remington Outdoor Foundation’s website, OutdoorRoadmap.com, is expected to become the single online source of information and services related to hunting, target shooting and conservation. By teaming with partners and a growing community of outdoor enthusiasts, OutdoorRoadmap.com will offer interactive maps and tools, product reviews, discounts on gear, event listings, training and licensing resources, and a wealth of outdoor information. OutdoorRoadmap.com will launch in September 2010. For more information about this state-of-the-art platform, visit www.OutdoorRoadmap.com.
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