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Jessie Abbate clear leader in Steel Challenge poll results released by Women of USPSA

Fans of the shooting sports are predicting Max Michel and Jessie Abbate will return to the winner’s circle at this year’s Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships according to poll results released by the Women of USPSA.

The Women of USPSA, in cooperation with the SCSA,  launched a Steel Challenge poll earlier this month asking fans of the shooting sports to predict this year’s Steel Challenge winners in 16 categories.

“The Women of USPSA’s first shooting sports poll was a big success with shooters from around the country weighing in on who they think will win the 2010 Steel Challenge,” said Julie Golob, Women of USPSA co-founder and a Steel Challenge competitor shooting for Team Smith & Wesson.

“We want to thank all those who took the time to vote in our poll. Their enthusiastic input has helped us spotlight the tremendous talents of the country’s top speed shooters and generated a good deal of buzz about who may or may not win.”

The following are the final results for the top shooters in each of the 16 categories:

Open Division
Max Michel 24.7%
Jerry Miculek 17.3%
Dave Sevigny 17.3%
K.C Eusebio 13.2%

Women’s Open Division
Jessie Abbate 61.2%
Sarah Irish 15.7%

Limited Division
Dave Sevigny 30.6%
Rob Leatham 21.9%
J.J. Racaza 17.4%

Women’s Limited Division
Julie Golob 52.8%
Jessie Abbate 41.6%

Steel Master
Dave Sevigny 44.2%
B.J. Norris 21.0%
Todd Jarrett 17.6%

Women’s Steel Master
Jessie Abbate 74.4%
Randi Roger 14.3%

Production Division
Rob Leatham 51.1%
Julie Golob 29.9%

Women’s Production Division
Julie Golob 71.7%
Randi Rogers 21.7%

Iron Sight Revolver Division
John Bagakis 27.5%
David Olhasso 21.2%
Elliot Aysen 13.8%
Tony Phan 12.7%

Open Revolver Division
Jerry Miculek 86.0%
Todd Crow 5.0%

Women’s Revolver Division
Annette Aysen 59.1%
Molly Smith 20.7%
Rachel Crow 18.7%

Iron Sight Rimfire Pistol Div.
Julie Golob 38.8%
Phil Strader 31.6%
John Bagakis 13.6%

Open Sight Rimfire Pistol Div.
Jerry Miculek 26.2%
Dave Sevigny 22.7%
B.J. Norris 15.6%
Jessie Abbate 14.2%

Senior Division
Frank D’Amato 21.4%
John Maxwell 19.5%
Mike Gallion 13.6%

Junior Division
Sarah Irish 33.7%
Janae Sarabia 10.1%
Cody Tucker 9.5%

Women’s Junior Division
Sarah Irish 33.5%
Molly Smith 16.7%
Janae Sarabia 10.3%

The 2010 Steel Challenge kicks off Thursday morning, August 19 with the rimfire events and concludes Saturday, August 21 with the Open division competition.

Jessie Abbate at Bianchi match in Columbia, Mo. Photo by Jason Baird, Loki Inc.

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