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Orvis Fly-Fishing app for iPhone comes with knot instructions and casting lessons

The most useful and information-packed fly fishing guide available comes with a $10 coupon. Introducing the Orvis Fly Fishing App, a complete guide with casting lessons, video and animated knot instructions, a guide to the top trout flies, and updated fishing condition reports for more than 200 of the best fishing locations. Get a $10 coupon for any order of $50 or more from ORVIS when you register (subject to terms and conditions of issuer). With more than an hour of instructional video and dozens of pictures and animations, it is by far the most useful and information-packed fishing application available.

The application includes:

Animated Knots
• Over 20 different fly fishing knots, everything from the Bimini Twist to the Blood Knot. Knots can be chosen by name or by use.
• Each knot is detailed in step-by-step text, detailed narrated close-up video by Orvis tackle guru Steve Hemkens, and animated video that can be stopped and rewound or played at any speed desired.

The Basic Fly Casts
• Basic fly casting, from how to hold a fly rod to the Double Haul.
• Text descriptions plus videos of Truel Myers, director of the Orvis Fly-Fishing schools

Top 10 Fly Casting Mistakes
• Truel Myers, director of the Orvis Fly-Fishing Schools, gives the top 10 fly-casting mistakes and how to correct them.
• Videos demonstrate each mistake and how to correct it, backed up with text descriptions.
• Everything from shooting line too early to correcting tailing loops.
• It’s like having a casting instructor on the water

Field Guide to the Top 100 Trout Flies
• Pick a fly by name or by type
• Each fly has an image for identification, description, and tips when and where to use it and how to fish it
• You can search for recommended flies by type, season, hook size, color, or region or use a combination of search terms to narrow down your choices.

Orvis Fishing Reports
• Over 200 of the top fly-fishing destinations in North America
• Real-time fishing updates on your iPhone or Touch
• Tips on hot flies, rods, lines and leaders to use, fishing tips, and outlook for the next week on each fishery
• Hatches, baitfish, and water temperatures
• Real-time flows for rivers and tide charts for each saltwater fishery

Fly-Fishing Glossary and search
• Confused by any of the lingo? A glossary is available on each page
• Looking for a particular fly or knot or cast? Just use the search, available on each page


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