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Plano introduces hard and soft solution to bow storage

Plano Molding Co. has a hard and soft response that can be summed up in a single answer as to the perfect case for today’s modern hunting bows – it’s called the Grab ‘N Go™.

The Plano® Grab ‘N Go series offers two standalone soft cases that serve both as a reliable carrier and a rugged 600D nylon protective covering. And while that’s good, it gets even better. Both models can also be used as inside companions to Plano’s legendary hard-sided bow cases for the ultimate in crush-resistant protection.

“Our Protector Series of bow cases changed the game when we introduced our patented PillarLock® support pillars a few years back,” said Jesse Simpkins, Plano vice president of marketing. “We’ve continued to build on that innovation with each new product season, and as an avid bowhunter myself, this latest development is like icing on the cake for me and everyone else who treasures their gear.”

The new soft case designs are reinforced-stitched throughout for exceptional strength and durability. And they have reinforced PillarLock openings for a snug fit when matched to the proper Plano hard cases. Additionally, the soft cases have corresponding slots that match up to the tie-downs on the inside of the hard cases for secure placement.

Model 93791 (click on image to view/download hi-res version)

Grab ‘N Go soft case Model 93791 measures 45.75″ x 17.50″ x 4.25.” It is a perfect complement to Plano’s All Weather bow case Model AW 108110. Available as a standalone item only, this soft case retails for around $44.99.

The other Grab ‘N Go size, Model 93790, measuring 41.50″ x 16.50″ x 4.5″, matches perfectly to Plano’s Protector bow case, Model 1110, and retails for around $39.99.

The 93790 and 93791 Plano Grab ‘N Go soft cases are stylish in their black nylon shells accented with distinctive RealTree® camo patches.

Plano also offers this soft and hard case together as a combination, Model 1110-89, literally providing two cases in one. The hard cases is black, featuring molded construction with PillarLock™ supports and reliable-latch closures.  The soft case features all the attributes of the 93790 and comes in black. The combo sells for around $79.99.

For more information on the Grab ‘N Go cases and all molded protected cases, visit PlanoMolding.com.


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