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Julie Goloski-Golob to author book

Smith & Wesson Pro Shooting Team Captain Julie Goloski-Golob is writing a how-to book for aspiring shooters—and current shooting enthusiasts who want to hone their skills.

Skyhorse Publishing of New York has tentatively scheduled Julie’s first book for an October 2011 release. The working title is Shoot! A Guide to Shooting and Competition, but Julie cautioned that this may change. “The title isn’t set in stone but it describes the book well and it’s a bit catchy. It’s what we are calling my project at the moment,” she said with a laugh.

Julie Golob shoots on Team Smith & Wesson. 

Skyhorse President and Publisher Tony Lyons said Julie’s book is a good fit both with the Skyhorse catalog and with his company’s publishing philosophy. “Julie’s book looks like a very promising addition to our well-known sports and outdoors list,” he said.

“But beyond that, we like to publish books whose authors are renowned experts in the subject matter. For firearms handling and shooting in competition, it would be hard to find a more knowledgeable author than Julie Golob,” he added. “We’re very happy to be working with her to make this a high-quality, attractive title that will appeal to both new and experienced shooters.”

Julie, who recently added both the Ladies Production and the Ladies Limited World Champion trophies (at the 2010 World Speed Shooting Championships in California) to her impressive list of competition wins, said that writing a book is something she has always wanted to do.

“Becoming an author is a way to share with a wide audience some of what I’ve learned about shooting over the years,” Julie said. “I enjoy writing and telling people about the shooting sports. I’m extremely excited that Skyhorse wants to work with me to accomplish that,” she added. “This seems like a terrific opportunity.”

Julie said that several publishers showed interest, but that in the end Skyhorse seemed the best home for her first book. “I like the fact that Skyhorse publishes such a wide variety of books—not only books about shooting and outdoor sports, though they’re strong in those areas—but books about all kinds of other interesting subjects that attract different kinds of readers.”

Julie hopes her book will prove a valuable resource for current shooting-sports enthusiasts, but will also serve as an accessible, relevant, and intelligent guide to newcomers, even people who may have never handled a firearm.

“I try to see a big picture,” Julie said, “and that involves getting more people, especially but not exclusively women and young people, involved in the shooting sports. If my book can contribute to that and to shooting safety, and people enjoy reading it, I’ll be very pleased,” she added.

Author Julie Goloski-Golob is one of the most accomplished professional shooters in the world. She serves as captain and manager of the 22-member  Smith & Wesson Shooting Team, which includes other renowned professional marksmen such as Jerry Miculek, Kay Miculek, and Doug Koenig. During her eight years with the elite U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU), Julie was named both U.S. Army Female Athlete of the Year and AMU Athlete of the Year. Julie credits her Army service with providing a solid foundation of training, shooting experience, and range time, which she relies upon to this day in her pro career.

Julie has won more than 80 titles in international, national, regional, and state shooting competitions, including most recently both the 2010 Ladies Limited and Ladies Open World Champion trophies at the World Speed Shooting Championships in Piru, California. Learn more at juliegolob.com.

Founded in 2006, Skyhorse Publishing was at #2 on the 2010 Publisher’s Weekly list of the fastest-growing independent publishers in the United States. Skyhorse publishes books on many different subjects in areas including sports and outdoors, military history, how-to, self-help, true crime, antiques and collectibles, transportation and aviation, current events, and more.  In July 2010, Skyhorse acquired the assets of Arcade Publishing, including some 500 titles—many from prominent authors, including Umberto Eco, Elie Wiesel, Ingmar Bergman, Octavio Paz, and others. Skyhorse’s founder is publishing industry veteran Tony Lyons, former CEO of The Lyons Press. Learn more at www.skyhorsepublishing.com.

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