WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Laura Burgess Marketing seeks intern immediately

2010 has proved to be a very good year for us here at LBM. We’ve added many new clients and services and continue to grow. With that being said, we are looking for an intern for our New Bern, NC office. Know a college student who is looking to get some experience in the marketing and PR industry, especially focused in the outdoor markets? Well, send them our way. We’re looking for a competent go-getter who has a knack for organization and writing. Skills in Microsoft Office, especially Word and Excel, are a must and graphic design and HTML experience are a plus! We’re looking to bring this intern on immediately so if you know someone who fits the bill, have them contact us at ashley@lauraburgess.com to find out more information. See www.lauraburgess.com

One of Laura Burgess's clients is BlackHawk! It has a very famous bus attached to the business. Here's Laura (right), Barb Baird and Tony, the bus driver! Photo by Jim Braaten.

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