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Urban Shooter Podcast: Her doe with her bow

Tune in to hear Barbara Baird and her weekly update to the Urban Shooter Podcast, hosted by Rev. Kenn Blanchard, aka Black Man with a Gun. This week, Barbara talks about taking her first doe with a bow. This week’s lineup has Blanchard delving into the topic of Christians and guns, where he shares struggles and truths behind the notion that Christians who use guns are not really Christians. Also included are these topics:   Laser-ammo.com, slateandjones.com, Keep On Truckin, Zombie Strike # 45 and others.

To hear the podcast, click here.

The Urban Shooter podcast is a pro-rights variety podcast and resource for law abiding gun owners in metropolitan areas. The show has progressed into a variety show with commentary and personal reflections for people that love life, to laugh and their freedom.

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