WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Babbs in the Woods: Kudos to Babes with Bullets

Ever since Deb Ferns picked up a pistol, she’s been on fire to teach other women how to safely use firearms. Now, instead of waiting for Deb Ferns and Babes with Bullets camps to show up at a shooting range near you, you can go and see what the “Babes” and their camps are doing — courtesy of the Outdoor Channel and its move to include the Babes’ webisodes on its popular website. Marilyn Vogel produces the footage for the webisodes. [Marilyn also contributes to The WON’s “Shoot to Thrill” department.]

Ferns also wants to bring more women to gun ranges and to action shooting sports through her efforts, along with several of the country’s top pro shooters — like Kay Miculek and Lisa Munson. The three women, along with a support staff of other notable instructors and camp cook Maryann Dabney, conduct three-day immersion shooting camps across the country. They just finished a premiere rifle camp, at Kay’s home range in Princeton, La.

The camps, primarily sponsored by Smith & Wesson, will now be highlighted at a new webisode series at the Outdoor Channel, titled Babes with Bullets. Check it out here.

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