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Gear Court: Desantis — The Cozy Partner Holster

It is strange how hard it is for me to find holsters that meet my exact needs.  I seem to encounter more issues finding holsters than I do finding firearms.  I was in search of a new concealment holster for a SIG SAUER P238, which I had tested (and later purchased).  It doesn’t make much sense to purchase a firearm for which I cannot find a holster.  (Really, this is the first time I had the foresight to buy the holster before the firearm.  I’m a slow learner.) Holsters are a pretty complicated purchase when you really think about it.  The first thing a consumer must consider is the purpose of the firearm.  The purpose dictates the features.  For my purposes, I purchased the P238 for concealment.  I don’t typically carry a purse, and I don’t generally wear baggy clothes.  These facts limited my holster selection. Although there were a couple of options, I ultimately decided to search for an inside the waistband holster. Once I decided the type of holster best suited my needs for concealment, I had to find a manufacturer.  The companies that I usually purchase from, companies that I know to be reputable, did not offer concealment holsters for the P238.  I began to feel anxiety when I realized I would have to go into unknown territory to make a purchase that could potentially have life or death consequences.

This may sound extreme, but think about it.  If you actually had to use your concealed firearm under stress is the firearm the only thing that matters?  NO!  The firearm is only one part of the equation.  The remaining components of the equation at least include; the holster, magazines, ammunition, skills and mindset.  When a person decides to carry a concealed firearm, they should commit to ensuring they are adequately prepared to do so.  There are many holsters on the market, some are really good, and some are not. After a couple weeks of searching, I was able to find a holster that seemed to meet my needs.  I didn’t have any luck finding a holster in a store and I wasn’t thrilled about purchasing a holster online.  I found the Cozy Partner, an inside the waist holster at www.desantisholster.com. The Cozy Partner has features that suit my concealment needs.

The holster has two straps, which loop around our outer pant belt and snap.  The snaps are designed to only unsnap in a certain direction, so as to prevent it from unintentional detachment. The P238 fits snugly in the Cozy Partner with good tension.  I like how the holster is canted, allowing for a natural draw. The Cozy Partner is molded leather and it has adjustable tensions screws.  I specifically sought out a holster with adjustable tension for a reason.  I do not want to alert someone that I am drawing my firearm.  For that reason, I never buy holsters with hook and loop fasteners or snaps unless required by work.  How loud is a ‘snap’ or ‘rip’ when there is complete silence?  My bet is that those noises are as loud as that ‘click’ (or for that matter ‘bang’) people hear when they were expecting to hear the opposite. Desantis offers a variety of holster types for many different firearms.  This is the only holster I have tested by them, but the quality encourages me to make further purchases.~Sara Ahrens This item was purchased by the reviewer.

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  • Deb Ferns says: November 8, 2010 at 8:36 am

    Sara – your review is excellent and I went to the website to find a holster for my Glock carry gun (which they have.) I didn’t plan to spend quite that many $$$ but you brought up a HUGE point on needing the ability to make a “noiseless” draw and I want the cant on the holster to be user friendly for me as a woman. (Plus have to admit that by you purchasing your own product it automatically put this review in the category of editorial instead of “infomercial” -) THANKS!

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