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Gear Court: Gut it. Cut It. Cook It. … I Like It. I Like It. I Li-ike It!

Although I’ve been shooting for years and year … OK, about 32 years … I have only been hunting for about five years. Right from the start of that decision to hunt, I knew that I had to do the whole thing or nothing, and that meant from field to table – which meant field dressing and sometimes, especially if I could not get a whitetail to the meat processor near my home, it meant cutting the meat into roasts or grinding it into lovely bratwursts. Thankfully, I have a tutor – my husband – who patiently talked me through every task along the way, from sighting in my rifle to practicing my shots to what to do after a deer was down.

Al Cambronne sent me this high quality, spiral bound book titled Gut It. Cut It. Cook It: The Deer Hunter’s Guide to Processing and Preparing Venison. Wow, Al! Published by one of the big boys in the industry, Krause Publications, this book written by aforementioned Cambronne and his writing partner Eric Fromm, takes a newbie like me through the deer hunting scenario, from start to finish and also, includes a CD with enticing and mouth-watering recipes. Practical details like field dressing and skinning, which knives to use … that’s where the experts walk a hunter through the basics and dispel the myths, like cutting out the metatarsal glands.

Page. 71: “Although some hunters slice them off to avoid contaminating the meat, there’s no better way to do exactly that than to slice into them and then use the same knife to field-dress and butcher your deer. Instead, just leave these scent glands alone.”

It even details the risks involved with encountering a deer with Chronic Wasting Disease and how you should handle working with this type of animal.

Wonderfully illustrated with huge photographs, this 256-page book must be in the hands of all deer hunters. It should be a recommended resource at all hunter safety classes in this country. The field practices and good hunting ethics recommended within its pages apply to several other types of big game, and really, all game.

I am going to purchase this book for my kids who hunt for extra Christmas prezzies. But, don’t tell them …

For more information, go to http://gutitcutitcookit.com/index.html. It retails for $16.49 at Amazon.

As stated in the article, the reviewer received this item but did not agree to play for pay. She really likes the book and will gladly pay the $16.49 in order to keep it, if necessary, plus the shipping. By the way, none of the reviewers at The Women’s Outdoor News ever agree to review an item with accolades. Our suppliers just never know whether an item will get the death penalty, parole, or be set free! ~bb

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  • Tammy Ballew says: November 18, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    I’m going to order this book right now, Barb! Thanks for the review and the lead on where to find it.